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Social Networking is the fastest growing and most cost effective marketing platform today. Our package consists of creating a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile and a Twitter account. By linking the three, your company can send a single message and reach unlimited people instantaneously.

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Social networking is the act of interacting and networking with people in a social online environment by means of a website; these websites are appropriately known as "social networking websites." Social Networking is one of the most popular characteristics of Web 2.0, and is a popular online medium among folks of all ages. It encourages active participation, consideration, and keen interest -- must-haves for any company!

A Facebook page is a complete solution to publicize your company. When potential customers post to your Facebook page, all the posted information is sent to their friends through their News Feed creating a spider web effect. This gives you the possibility of reaching hundreds if not thousands of potential customers which will continue to grow in time.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site. The purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain a list of contact details of people they know and trust in business. The people in the list are called Connections. LinkedIn also allows users to research companies.

Twitter is a communication platform that helps businesses stay connected to their customers. As a business, you can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your company.

  • Design and creation of a branded Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page customized to your business.
  • Posting Photos, Videos, and Content (Address, Web site, etc.).
  • Maintenance of your page, i.e.: status updates, upload pictures, etc...
  • Lone Keep Internet will provide linking between your Facebook page LinkedIn profile and your website. This will drive potential customers and qualified traffic to your website!
  • Reach over 350,000,000 active Facebook and over 55,000,000 LinkedIn users.
  • Create demand for your product or service with relevant ads.
  • Lone Keep Internet will attach your Facebook Page to Twitter so all posts will be sent to all.

Lone Keep Internet will provide you with a Social Networking Specialist to consult, facilitate, and maintain your Facebook Page and LinkedIn Profile. To stay competitive and relevant in today's interconnected and high-stakes world - let alone achieve growth and profitability - you need every competitive edge you can manage.

These days, that means looking beyond what might have worked sufficiently in the past, to see what's working in the present: yes, we're talking about today's increasingly popular social media tools of Social Networking and Viral Marketing, through group affiliations like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook - the modern supplements to traditional publications and communications strategies.

If terms like these leave you cold, may we gently suggest you're missing out on some of today's most effective outreach and communications.

Let Lone Keep Internet eliminate the "Fear Factor"!

Feel out of your depth? Out of your league? Don't feel qualified to deal with all that's involved in getting hooked up and running with the Big Dogs? Fear not: knowledgeable and affordable help is at hand, and it's an unbeatable value that won't weigh down your bottom line - but it's likely to add plenty to your profitability, not to mention credibility.

With an affordable, easy-to-set-up package from Lone Keep Internet, you and your company can be vaulted practically overnight into the increasingly viable realm of social media, enjoying improved speed and efficiencies of communications - both within your organization and existing constituencies - while simultaneously expanding your footprint and outreach.

With your company's virtual presence added to Twitter and Facebook groups, you'll achieve heightened visibility and reach plus a speed and efficiency of communications unavailable through conventional, traditional means.

With the savvy professionals at Lone Keep Internet, you and your company can establish and maintain a viable presence on social networking groups like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, even if right now you feel clueless. The world doesn't need to know that, and with our help, they won't - because all they'll see is your brand and your presence - just the way you want it portrayed and visualized.

Let Lone Keep Internet be your "Pathfinder" to get you and your business into the Web 2.0 Mainstream!

Social media tools aren't just for the leading-edge computer geeks or the "young and the trendy," they've entered the mainstream, a force that even the U.S. Army and the U.S. Government can't afford to ignore! Neither should you.

Sounds like something you can take to the bank, doesn't it. Well, with Lone Keep Internet secure and affordable services, you pretty much can.

We'll custom-tailor your online presence right to spec - so you can enjoy all the benefits available from the agility and efficiency of participation in popular Facebook Social Networking Services and Facebook Viral Marketing services, and Twitter Social Networking Services and Twitter Viral Marketing services.

Lone Keep Internet will do all the heavy work. Your call. Our task. With Lone Keep Internet, you can consider it done.

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"Lone Keep consistently delivers the results I need to make my business grow. Last year, my goal was to drive more business through my website. Lone Keep was able to drastically increase my internet presence, which resulted in direct sales."

- Bob Hilton

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